SHSHL and Hockey Happenings Working to Compile a List of Past Champions


As part of the ingoing effort to document the history of the Suburban High School Hockey League, SHSHL President Kenny Haas has compiled an extensive list of past SHSHL champions going back to 1973-74, the league’s inaugural season.
He is still looking for a few pieces of the puzzle, specifically:

Class AA champions for 2001-02,





Class A Champions for 2012-13


2003-04 or any season prior to that in which the league had a separate Class A champion


If anyone has any information on who has won these championships, please contact Kenny or contact us here at Hockey Happenings. We are looking to identify playoff champions, not regular season champions.


Thank you all for your interest in scholastic hockey.


Rick Woelfel


Hockey Happenings




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