Malvern Prep’s John Dewey Understands the Importance of Giving Back

The importance of community service is a concept Malvern Preparatory School seeks to instill in all its students. John Dewey has taken that concept to heart.

Dewey is a senior winger at Malvern Prep, but hockey is just one aspect of his life. During his time there, he’s been involved in a number of service projects. He’s helped run a charity youth lacrosse tournament, has participated in a holiday toy drive, and has been involved in the school’s efforts to feed the hungry and support underprivileged children.”

“I’ve known John since he was in middle school,” said Malvern Prep coach Bill Keenan. “He shows up every day. He’s always the first kind of guy to raise his hand and give to back to the program. It’ great to hear how much how much he’s involved in the outside, volunteering aspect, and it’s important to give back.”

In years past, Dewey has taken part in toy drives for children who would visit the school for a holiday party prior to the Christmas holiday break.

“Kids would come in and you’d play with them throughout the day,” he recalls. “Each kid would have one or two gifts and we’d just have a great day.”

Dewey is also active in Malvern Prep’s ongoing efforts to feed the hungry. Students fill ceramic bowls (made by their fellow students) which they fill with donated canned goods and then distribute in the community.

Dewey notes that the issue of hunger is more widespread than many realize. “Kids will throw food away that they get for lunch or they don’t eat,” he said “They don’t understand how much they’re actually getting.”

Dewey says that participating in events like the food drive give him a lot of satisfaction. “It’s pretty satisfying to realize you’re helping that much in general,” he said. “(Hunger) is such a big issue at home, and in the area.”

Dewey said the concept of serving others is something he will take with him when he graduates from Malvern Prep this spring. “It’s about helping other people who really need help, and not being selfish” he said. “Don’t try to keep everything yourself. Try to help other people.”

Keenan says it’s important for his players and their fellow students at Malvern Prep to understand the importance of giving back to their school and community.

“We’re fortunate in that we have a lot, especially these guys, going to a great school like Malvern,” he said. “Living up to the mission and being able to provide hands outside is something I think is an important quality for these boys to have.”


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