2021 Flyers Cup Tournament to be Delayed

The 2021 Flyers Cup tournament will be played approximately one month later than usual. The decision was made by the Flyers Cup Committee in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the delayed start of the scholastic hockey season in the eastern and central portions of Pennsylvania.

The leagues that compete under the Flyers Cup umbrella traditionally begin their seasons in late October or early November. But due to the pandemic, they will not be beginning their league schedules until January.

As a result, the Flyers Cup, which traditionally begins the first week of March, is now tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, April 5, the day after Easter, and conclude 15 days later on Tuesday, April 20.

The state championship games matching Flyers Cup and Penguins Cup champions are set for Saturday, April 24 at the Mario Lemieux Center in Pittsburgh.

Flyers Cup Committee President Eric Tye notes the listed start date for the tournament is tentative and could change in the event an in-season shutdown is required because of the pandemic.

“We do have some flexibility,” he said.

Tye indicated that it is possible the size of the tournament field, which last season included 53 teams (16 each in Class AA and Class A, eight each in Class AAA and the South Jersey-Delaware bracket plus five girls’ teams) could be reduced if necessary to complete the tournament in a reasonable amount of time.

There are no automatic qualifiers for the Flyers Cup tournament. It is an invitational event; teams are selected and seeded by the committee, which includes representatives from each league that sends teams to the tournament.

To be eligible for the 2021 Flyers Cup tournament, a team must play 10 league games. For a player to be eligible for the tournament he/she must participate in half the league games played by his/her team.

Examples: Team A plays a 14-game league schedule. To be Flyers Cup eligible, a player on Team A must participate in seven games.

Team B plays a 10-game league schedule. In order. to be Cup eligible, a player on Team B’s roster must participate in five league games.

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