Evan Mudrick Has Family Ties to Holy Ghost Prep

When he enrolled at Holy Ghost Prep three years ago, Evan Mudrick knew he would be comfortable. The Fairless Hills resident already had a family connection with the school.

“My brother went to Pennsbury his freshman and sophomore years and transferred to Ghost,” he recalls. “I went and watched his (hockey) games and I just fell in love with the brotherhood and the camaraderie of the team. There was nothing like it, seeing my brother just hang out with his buddies; they’re still some of his best friends now. There was just nothing like it. Nothing can compare to what I felt when I was watching his games; it was just incredible.”

Mudrick attended public school through eighth grade but was at ease at Holy Ghost Prep from the start. “It’s probably the easiest transition you could ask for,” he said. “It’s very welcoming here; smaller classes, you know everyone. If a kid walks by, you know his name it’s not like you’re in a school with (a large student population) and you barely know anyone. “Here you just feel happy and excited to come to school every day and you know people are going to be there that you like and that you can get along with and talk to without a doubt. It was one of the easiest transitions I’ve ever had.”

The curriculum at Holy Ghost Prep is designed to teach students how to make independent decisions. “I think it’s really, really good for development for a young man, a high-school student,” Mudrick said, “because you’re going to have to make decisions by yourself in life. But it’s not like they just send you out there in the dark. There’s always someone here to help you if you have a question, or need something. They’re always happy to help you.”

Mudrick says he and his fellow students are encouraged to ask for help when they need it. “The people here are always welcoming,” he said, “telling you, ‘If you ever need anything, come talk to me.’ Every teacher I’ve had at school always said ‘If you need anything, come talk to me. Every teacher here is always there for you, no matter what.”

Now a senior, Mudrick is following in his brother’s footsteps, on the ice and off. He’s one of the Firebirds’ captains and is committed to providing the leadership that others did for him in years past.

“It’s a big role that the seniors play,” he said.  “The seniors play a big role when the freshmen come in. The sophomores are still the younger guys. It’s just great to have them there to guide the way for you. And that’s my responsibility now, that’s what I’m trying to do for some of the younger guys now.”

This hockey season has been unlike any other at Holy Ghost Prep. The compressed schedule has forced the players to put things together in a hurry. And certain rituals were put aside, specifically the Firebirds’ annual trip to Jamestown New York for the National Invitational Scholastic Showcase. Mudrick says he and his teammates are making the best of the situation.

“It was sad that we couldn’t go to Jamestown,” he said. “It’s annoying but you know, we’re still playing. I’m trying to bring the guys together and jell as quick as we can. “I’m going for a state championship this year. I’m not taking anything less than that. I’m just having my guys work hard every day and give it their best. That’s all we can do.”

For more information about Holy Ghost Prep Click Here

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