Possibility of Covid Issues Hangs Over Flyers Cup

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament has already been impacted by Covid issues. Virginia Tech was unable to play its scheduled first-round game against Oregon on Saturday because of an outbreak. The game was declared a no contest; Oregon advanced to the round of 32 and the Commodores are going home.

The same scenario could occur in the upcoming Flyers Cup tournament, which is scheduled to begin on April 5.

Flyers Cup Committee President Eric Tye made it clear that teams that are impacted by a Covid outbreak will not be permitted to participate in/will be removed from the tournament.

“This was addressed at length,” he said. “All the teams who are being considered for selection received an e-mail packet on March 1.

“We stated very clearly if a team cannot play because of a Covid outbreak, no replacement team will be named, the game will be a forfeit and whoever they were playing will move on to the next round.

Tye noted the idea of having replacement teams on standby isn’t practical. “You can’t have a replacement,” he said. “Say we put 10 teams in one bracket, we can’t tell Team 11 to be on call. You can’t put number 11 seed where a number two seed is. There would not be enough time for us to switch all the seeds around, switch all the games around.”
Last year’s Flyers Cup tournament was shut down on March 12 because of Covid issues.

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