Flyers Cup Rankings for 1-17

Rankings based on on-ice performance and observations of the Flyers Cup Committee


  1. Malvern Prep (APAC)
  2. St. Joes Prep (APAC)
  3. Holy Ghost Prep (APAC)
  4. La Salle College High School (APAC)
  5. Father Judge (ICSHL PCL)


  1. Pennridge (SHSHL Continental)
  2. Haverford High (ICSHL Central)
  3. Council Rock South (SHSHL National)
  4. Avon Grove (ICSHL Ches-Mont)
  5. Downingtown West (ICSHL Ches-Mont)


  1. West Chester East (ICSHL Ches-Mont)
  2. Springfield (ICSHL Central)
  3. West Chester Rustin (ICSHL Ches-Mont)
  4. Hershey (CPIHL)
  5. Plymouth Whitemarsh (SHSHL American)


  1. Salesianum (ICSHL PCL)
  2. Eastern (SJHSHL)
  3. Shawnee (SJHSHL)
  4. Kingsway (SJHSHL)
  5. Moorestown (SJHSHL)
  6. Cherokee (SJHSHL)


  1. West Chester Henderson (ICSHL NAT)
  2. Avon Grove (ICSHL NAT)
  3.  Downingtown West (ICSHL NAT)
  4. Unionville (ICSHL AM)
  5. Kingsway (ICSHL AM)

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