Siegmund Leading Falcons Into Flyers Cup

Shane Siegmund is entering the final phase of his scholastic hockey career. The Pennsbury senior will take the ice with his teammates on Tuesday in the first round of the Class AA Flyers Cup Tournament. The fourth-seeded Falcons will take on 13th-seeded Owen J. Roberts in a 6 p.m. game at Hatfield Ice.

Siegmund has had an impressive senior season, scoring 18 goals and adding 24 assists for 42 points, a total that ranked him second in scoring in the SHSHL’s National Division.

Most importantly, he wears the captain’s C. As the reader is aware, the captain of a hockey team fills a unique position in terms of leadership and setting the tone they want their teammates to emulate. 

This is Siegmund’s second year in the captain’s role and his fourth in the Falcons’ varsity lineup. “I was selected by my coaches my junior year,” he said. “I was given the (assistant captain’s position)  my sophomore year. And I just think that kind of led up to it, and my leadership, trying to push my teammates and it gave the coaches I guess a clear choice for captain.”

Siegmund focuses on communicating to his teammates and setting a tone via his own play on the ice.

“I try to do a little bit of everything,” he said. “I try to lead by example. I love to push my teammates and keep them going in the game. But just getting behind everyone, helping everyone out when they’re at their worst point in the game is what I love best. You’re just picking the team up and really getting them into a rhythm is what I like to say.”

Siegmund made it a point to learn from the captains who preceded him, Jake Sieger in his freshman season and Ben Dous the following year. 

I’ve always been a big teammate person,” he said. “I’ve always loved hanging out with my teammates and all that, but I definitely looked up to the previous captains that had been my captains. They have helped me so much and I just love to pass that on.”

Siegmund takes pride in his ability to relate to his teammates whether they’re veterans, newcomers, or in between.

“I try and speak to everyone the same,” he said. “I have the same respect for everyone on the team and as long as we can communicate and get to the final destination, that’s what I’m happy about.”

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