SHSHL History: Can You Help?

A query from SHSHL President Kenny Haas

Hopefully most of you saw our Varsity Championship trophy during the playoffs.  It lists all the past champions since the formation of our league.  However, we are missing a few years.

I am asking for a favor that will require some work.  Please dig into your Club archives, check past trophies, articles, banquet programs, call past Presidents and coaches.  We need to determine the Playoff Champion for the following dates.  We will only place a team’s name on the trophy if the championship can be confirmed by a trophy, news article, program, etc.


Varsity A division from 2003-2004 back to 1973-1974 (I don’t think we had a VarA division much before this)

1995-1996 both AA & A

Anyone with information should contact Kenny Haas or contact us here at Hockey Happenings. Thank you for helping us to document the history of the SHSHL.

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