Malvern Prep’s Jimmy Jacobs Stepping Up as a Senior

Expectations are running high at Malvern Prep. That’s generally been the case of late. The Friars are two-time defending Class AAA Flyers Cup champions and claimed the APAC title last season after sharing it with La Salle in 2021, and going on to win the state championship that year.

The Friars won their first two starts heading into Friday’s Atlantic Prep Athletic Conference opener against St. Joseph’s Prep

But Jimmy Jacobs knows past performance is no assurance of future success.

“I think our mindset is to look at one or the other and give it our best,” he said. “We’ve really just got to take this season one game at a time.

“It’s a long season and we just focus on one game at a time. I think that’s where we can really be successful as a group and a team.”

A senior forward, and a second-team All-APAC choice last season, Jacobs understands the importance of senior leadership.

“I think last year and the year before, we had two really strong senior groups and leaders overall,” he said. “If we want to do anything similar to that this year, we need some people to step up and become leaders and take a big role.

“I think of a senior as someone others rely on. “(Your teammates) know that you’ve been through it, with it being your fourth year. I think being a senior, you have a big impact on the team, because you’re a leader and all the underclassmen look up to you.”


Malvern Prep’s Jimmy Jacobs (Photo furnished by Jimmy Jacobs)

Jacobs stresses the responsibility veterans have to help the underclassmen feel comfortable and part of the group.

“To me it doesn’t matter what grade you’re in,” he said. “If you’re on a team, we’re a family. So, no one is treated differently if you’re a freshman or if you’re a senior. I think in order to be successful, everyone has to get along and treat each other as they would treat any other teammate.”

Jacobs believes that good team chemistry must be developed and nurtured by the players themselves.

“There’s only so much a coach can do,” he said. “At the end of the day, we’re the ones playing for each other, we’re the ones in the locker room we’re the ones that have to get along. The coaches can only do so much.”

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