More Reflections from the APAC Outdoor Classic

The Atlantic Prep Athletic Conference, its member schools, and fans, are basking in the glow of Wednesday’s APAC Outdoor Classic at the Spring Mountain resort

  APAC Commissioner Jim Britt was lavish in his praise for the inaugural Classic.

“It’s idyllic,” he said. “I am very impressed by what they’ve done here to develop this into an adventure; an outdoor classic. The amenities are set up, it’s easy to watch a game, the lighting is great. 

“The students are reacting tremendously. Everybody is having a great time and we really appreciate what they’ve done here to develop this and four teams being here for the APAC Outdoor Classic is something special to see.”

The results of the games mattered of course. La Salle bested St. Joseph’s Prep 5-1 in the back end of the twin bill but senior Tim Whitlock pointed out he and his teammates’ most vivid memories will be of the Classic itself.

‘The guys are excited,” he said Wednesday night. “It was a different type of game, kind of. It was a good game.

Whittock said the energy of the fans on hand added to the experience.

“Definitely a little more,” he said. “But, by the end of the day, it doesn’t matter about the people on the sidelines. It matters about the boys on the ice.”


Malvern Prep in white ands Holy Ghost Prep line up for the National Anthem on Wednesday. (Max Mangigian)

Holy Ghost Prep senior and captain Brady Baehser helped his team to a 6-5 win over Malvern Prep to open the evening’s festivities.

“This is an experience we’re going to remember for the rest of our lives,” he said. 

Baehser noted that the conditions mandated the players make some adjustments.

“When we first got out there we were having trouble seeing the puck he said “and trouble with the lighting. But it’s the same for everyone so you get used to it and you play the game.”

Baehser was asked for his most vivid memory of the evening.

“Honestly when you first step on the ice,” he said. “You look around, and it’s a beautiful atmosphere.”

La Salle’s Ryan Wiley carries the puck Wednesday night. #33 for St. Joseph’s Prep is Dante Pasio (Max Mangigian)

St. Joseph’s Prep’s Tyler DiGirolamo moves the puck. (Max Mangigian)

Holy Ghost Prep’s Kieran Mulholland (in blue) is challenged by Malvern Prep’s Jack Sharer (Max Mangigian)

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